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PORTRAIT || Eric’s Studio Session

This #TBT post is a throwback to when I had a studio back in Austin, TX! My very first client in said studio was this guy – Eric! Eric was needing some promo shots for some writing material that he was about to start promoting and wanted a fresh, fun and professional set of photos

Performance | Two Long Ladies & a Guy Named Jeff

I had the privilege of being connected to a wonderful woman named Mary Stein (a Juliard-trained actor/coach here in L.A.) who allowed me to shoot a very special performance piece entitled “Two Long Ladies (and a Guy Named Jeff)”. The ensemble is comprised of Mary Stein, Anne Grimaldo and her husband Jeff Grimaldo who have

Studio Session | Brian

I have the opportunity to do a photo shoot for entrepreneur, life coach and mentor Brian Dockery to help launch his new site It was a pretty fun evening filled with music, speeches and classy attire! It was a blast to partner with Regina Anaejionu ( & and throughout the night we came

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