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A majestic setting for a Magician and his Bride-to-Be.

Here in LA there’s a special hike that leads up to a very special tree – The Wisdom Tree.

The story behind this landmark is that it was the sole tree left standing on this peak after a fire in 2007. A man spied it from a helicopter, then one day he brought up an ammo box filled with pencils and notepads for hikers to leave their thoughts and wishes (it’s also known as The Wishing Tree). For this reason, Jessica and Brian chose this location to commemorate their engagement.

After a rigorous hike, we started cliffside and began by getting some breathtaking shots.

I didn’t even realize at first that one side of the overlook offered a great view of Downtown LA.

Finally we moved on to the tree itself!

May your love carry you through for many years to come.
May your marriage be as steadfast and resilient as The Wisdom Tree.


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