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PORTRAIT || Tje Austin

Personal Portrait

This throwback post holds a lot of significance as it was my FIRST EVER editorial shoot!!

Back in 2010, this guy and I were just getting acquainted. I had recently seen him on The Voice (Season 1) and had just started checking out some of his local shows in Austin, TX. He had a great sound and a smooth stage presence. My friend who was an editor of the magazine also dug his appeal and decided to showcase him in their artist segment. Little did I know that the magazine had ALSO decided to bring me on board as their photographer!

Prior to this, my experience was very minimal. To this point, I had only done a few portrait sessions for friends, but this was different. This was for a known artist AND these photos were going to be published! I had been given full creative control and vision for the shoot (styling aside), and my job was to bring out this guy’s personality; make him fun, sexy, approachable, etc. etc. I’ll admit now that I was VERY nervous.

What helped? He was a COMPLETE… GOOF!

This session taught me how to HAVE FUN with my clients, and that they didn’t have to be my closest friends in order for me to create an environment in which anyone can step in and do so.

You can check out Tje Austin’s music on SPOTIFY! (You’ll be so glad you did.)
You can also find him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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