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Carol of “The Bells” :)

Family Portrait
Personal Portrait

It was such a delight to have the opportunity to take photos for The Bell Family! What started out as an homage to the city they loved – and recently moved away from – turned into a lively ode to joy-filled lives and treasuring the simple things.

When consulting with Sara about the outcome of the shoot, she simply stated the following, “My girls don’t really play with dolls and toys – they tend to be like their Mama! Our fondest memories of living in Austin were things like taking walks along Town Lake meeting friends at coffee shops or expanding our imagination in bookstores. We are a family that likes to experience life.”

Well… that was all the ammunition I needed to expand their vision. Not only that, but I personally was made privy to a gorgeous new location (Red Bull Isle), and I got to see life the way this family sees it… slow, captivating… full of beauty and wonder. I hope this gives you a glimpse as well… enjoy!

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