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Head Shots | Josh

Personal Portrait

This is a sample of a mini-session I did with my amazingly talented filmmaker friend Josh!

He came to me a few weeks before it was announced that his documentary – REWIND THIS! – would be featured at SXSW!! Suffice it to say I was OVER THE MOON with excitement for his big achievement, as was Josh, but then came the kicker – “The SXSW team needs me to submit a professional head shot and… I don’t have any!”

I was flattered he chose me to work with stating, “I’ve seen what you can do and I really like it! Hopefully, you can fit me in.” Well… of course! We discussed the look he wanted, which was basically a professional shot of his natural self – nothing over-polished or stuffy. I think we accomplished that well-enough, but I’ll let you all be the judge. ;o)

If you want to know more about Josh and his film click the following links to see the Official FB Page and a review, or two! Check your area to see if there’s a showing – trust me you’ll be highly entertained and informed!


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