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Trail of Lights * ^ * ^ *


This weekend I had the chance to head downtown with some friends to take a walk on the newly re-instated Trail of Lights!

It’s been 2 years, I believe, since Austin reveled in the famed light display. However, it seems the city hasn’t missed a beat!

Now, my friends and I can attest that coming the initial weekend may not have been the best idea (since it was BEYOND PACKED)! Nevertheless, I’m glad I went. Despite the cold… Despite parking in the boonies and taking a 5 mile hike… despite waiting in a very long line to simply ENTER the trail… despite the the mass hysteria of uncontrolled strollers, run-away children and turned-around parents… despite the disappointment of discovering there was an insufficiency of turkey legs (yet, plenty of funnel cake)! Through it all, I still found myself caught up in awe.

Why, you ask?!

Well, as a kid one of my FAVORITE Christmas traditions was to have the whole family pile in a car, drive around to various neighborhoods, and look at the lights. So I guess you could say my trail time took me back in time… even if just for a moment.

My advice: Take your kids… take yourselves! Be ready for a little crazy in getting there, but once you arrive, get caught up in the moment… and enjoy creating memories for the years to come!

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  1. Your pictures make it look magical! Seriously. This makes me want to go … I was kind of on the fence, but now I’m in.

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