As you may have been able to tell this is a family portrait that I did for my VERY OWN FAMILY!

My sisters and I took a look around our childhood home and realized that our last family portrait was over a decade ago. We thought it might be fun to “upgrade” not to mention – give my Dad and grandmother an early Christmas gift.

The Greens-0032

The Greens-0017

The Greens-0020

The Greens-0042

The Greens-0040

The Greens-0029

The Greens-0026

The Greens-0021

The Greens-9

The Greens-7

The Greens-7-2

The Greens-6

The Greens--7

The Greens--6

The Greens--5

The Greens--4

The Greens--3

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