Imagine stepping off the plane and wandering into the city – a city known for it’s vibrant colors, lively people and iconic scenery – to find yourself amidst a dreary reflection of such vibrancy.

While others might find the latter effect a disappointment – I found it awe-inspiring! I looked up to find myself cloaked in mystery and shrouded by intrigue. I was experiencing The Dark Side of “The Bay”!

While there were moments when aspects of color were able to shine through the gray (and it was beautiful to behold)…

… It was all the “gray” that actually felt more wondrous. Every landmark, artifact and story began to have more depth and character. So I decided… why not take it a step further and just compose some of the images I captured entirely in Black and White.

There was a haunting beauty to it all. My perusal of Alcatraz seemed a little more eerie as I traversed the halls during a rainstorm. Hearing the stories of criminals shut-away with no hope; stepping on to the stone yard seeing freedom on the other side of the bay… on the other side of the storm.

And walking the GGB, otherwise seen as a casual past time or means of vehicular travel, suddenly carried more weight as we passed over it. The reality that people built this massive, historic bridge was striking! A bridge that has withstood decades of hard use… a hearty testament to the fortitude of true craftsmanship. During an era in where hard times were common place a symbol of hope was erected.

Having seen everything through this “lens” – I find it hard to believe I could better appreciate seeing it any other way. 🙂

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